Monday, January 24, 2011

A girl and her daily treat: Second Cup coffee

Yesterday was my first day that mark my trial for an emergency control expenses (remember the very ugly 500$ spending on my credit card yak!). Those extra heavy have to stop! Yesterday was Monday and I cheat. I went to the Second Cup just like usual. But I really like the taste of their coffee... no big deal. I purchase a coffee and one of their famous apple cake.. I will have to shot the picture of one of those delicious things one day...

As you can see, the week has a great start, despite the spending. My Second Cup coffee and apple cake treat was of 4.25$. Not that huge. Most of the time, I only purchase a medium coffee, which cost me 2.23$ after taxes. It's not that expensive, but if you calculate 2.23$ x 5 days, it make 11.15$.

Despite the 11.15$ in spending, I decide not to cut my daily Second Cup coffee because I like it too much.

Ok, at first, I could sound all very stupid all this controversy around Second Cup coffees. But it's just that I am seeking for ways to reduce my monthly expenses. Anyhow, trust me on that one, cutting on Second Cup coffee does not do it for me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to basic

I didn't post anything here for a longtime! But I am back! Managing several blogs at the same time can be quite of a challenge. But recently, after realizing that I spend over 500$ on my credit card this month (and the month is not even over yet!), I decided it was time to stick back to a more frugal living style.

I hope this blog will help me to stay motivated. My goal is to spend less and save more. I had been busy on one of my other blog, the Dividend Girl. It's about investment. I am doing ok with the assets I have, but because I hold some debt for leverage purposes. Because of this, I decided to "come back to basic" and stick to healthier financial lifestyle.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Art of a Simple Living in Montreal

I had been living on Montreal Island for more than 2 years now and I quite enjoy the lifestyle. Living in Montreal is cheap compare to the living cost of other major Canadian Cities. Also, Montreal is pretty secure. I never had any problem in Montreal. Even if it had been said that some points of Montreal suffer from a lack of cleanliness. The worst part will be for me a place close by the subway station Berry-UQUAM where a lot of homeless are. I do not like Berry-UQUAM area and I basically never go in that area.

During summer time, Montreal is full of free activities and concerts. It’s possible to spend a nice summer without spending a penny or just a small amount of money. And talking about free summer concert, it will be possible to see Stevie Wonder at a free concert that will be offer at the time of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

I use public transportation all the time. Here in Montreal, I enjoy the subway. I am lucky enough to not to have to take any bus to go to work, which I quite enjoy. Part of living simply comes by using the public transportation. Public transportation is cheaper and better for the environment.

And at this time, the STM had opened a contest – one full year of free of transportation. There are 20 yearly memberships that can be win. To enter the contest, click here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Simple Living Project: the project of a lifetime

I am 28 years old f living in the Montreal area. My lifestyle is simple and easy. And one day, I plan to make my living by receiving a yearly income of 15 000$ from dividend earnings. To learn more about this project, you can visit My First 50 000$ - another blog of mine.

Living with 15 000$ or more won’t be too much scarified as it’s basically what’s my living is currently costing me. I start this blog to promote Simple Living. Few changes in a lifestyle can make things better. For my part, I had been working very hard lately. I use to have 3 jobs, now I have 2. But I had been working so hard that I neglect myself a bit.

My problem is that I do not exercise that much. I plan to take 30 minutes on each morning to get outside and do some exercises. It’s terrible to have my lifestyle at 28 years old.

Staying away from my computer at least 30 minutes per day cannot hurt…

I will try to update regularly with tips and tricks on how to improve our daily lifestyles. And also, on what I did to improve mine.

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